Leave your legacy by supporting the future of The Cabaret.

Here are some common ways to make a deferred gift:

Include The Cabaret in your will.

Naming The Cabaret as a beneficiary in your will can provide a substantial future gift without using income or assets right now. Talk with your attorney or planning professional about including an amount or percentage in your will. We hope you will let us know your plans so we can thank you now and ensure we can honor your wishes.

Support The Cabaret through your retirement plan.

There are several tax-advantageous ways to give from your retirement plan and support The Cabaret. Here are a few:

  1. Name The Cabaret as a beneficiary of your retirement plan.
  2. If you’re at least 59 ½ years of age, you may take a distribution (without penalty) and then make a gift from your IRA. If you itemize your deductions, you can take a charitable deduction for the gift amount.
  3. If you are at least 70 ½ years of age, you may direct your mandatory annual withdrawal amounts to be used for charitable gifts, tax-free.
  4. If you are at least 70 ½ years of age, you may direct any amount from your IRA (maximum $100,000 per year) as a charitable gift, tax-free.

Name The Cabaret as a beneficiary of your donor-advised fund.

If you make charitable contributions through a donor-advised fund (DAF), consider naming The Cabaret as a beneficiary of the fund’s remaining value as part of your legacy planning.

Please contact Shannon Forsell at shannon@thecabaret.org for more information about leaving your legacy at The Cabaret.

  • “One of the best environments for serious music fans in town!”

    Cabaret Guest
  • "Attending a cabaret show can feel like you're part of a (very stylish) secret society. It's you, the audience, seated at tables, sipping wine or a cocktail, with the vocalist, perhaps fresh off of Broadway, just a few feet away on stage."

    Indianapolis Monthly
  • “Awesome venue! I tell everyone I know about The Cabaret and encourage them to see a show.”

    Cabaret Guest
  • "This space is truly what a cabaret is meant to be... an intimate setting of hightops and enclosed booths help the audience feel special and a lone piano with small, personal stage complete the picture."

    Broadway World
  • “Indy's posh landing pad for Broadway stars on Pennsylvania Street.”

    Indy Star
  • “Best in class. A truly delightful experience - over the top!”

    Cabaret Guest
  • Melissa Hall, Stage Write Indy

    The beauty of the Cabaret lies in the spontaneous nature of each show. Unlike well-known musicals, with cabaret, audiences never know what to expect next. Artists can choose to sing old standards or an original number. They can share personal stories or make jokes with random people in the crowd.

    Melissa Hall, Stage Write Indy
  • “My favorite thing in the world is to connect with people, break the fourth wall, improvise, make people laugh, and talk directly to the audience. Cabaret is basically everything I like to do, all in one.”

    Tony Award-winner Laura Benanti
  • “The Circle City’s swanky new cabaret space is Broadway’s latest buzz.  Old Hollywood meets urban chic in a softly lit chandelier-filled room that holds 190 people—no seat in the house is more than five rows from the stage—it feels like Lea Salonga is giving her life story for you.  Stick around for a meet and greet after the spellbinding serenade."
    Indianapolis Monthly
  • “We looked at the many places where we could spend our money for entertainment and realized there was no venue that came close to The Cabaret. The venue and staff simply make this venue the best in Indianapolis.”

    Cabaret Guest


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