Venue Rental FAQ

What is the seating capacity of The Cabaret?

The Cabaret theater space can seat up to 190 guests.

Is The Cabaret facility wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the entire building is wheelchair accessible, including access to the stage.

Do you have onsite parking available?

In addition to street parking in front of and around The Cabaret, our guests have access to two private parking lots in the evening.

Does the rental fee include the use of tables and chairs?

Yes, use of our high-end tables and chairs is included in the rental fee at no extra cost.

Do you provide table linens for my event?

Our standard black tablecloths and napkins can be used for your event at our cost to rent.

Do you have an area for a standup cocktail reception prior to the meal or program?

Yes, there is an open area in front of the bar that can be used for a standing reception.  The Art Gallery may also be used under certain circumstances.

Do I have to use your in-house caterer for food and beverage?

Yes, The Jazz Kitchen is our exclusive caterer and all food and beverage service must be provided by them. There is a $5k catering minimum requirement for all rental events.

Can I use my choice of vendors for décor, centerpieces, band, dj, and wedding cake baker?

Yes, to all of these.

Are there any limits to decorations that can be used in the venue? Do I need to notify The Cabaret of plans for special set-up and decorating?

Yes, to both. Due to the high-end finishes, furniture, equipment and décor of The Cabaret, any decorating plans must be pre-approved by The Cabaret.  Decorations should be kept to a minimum and nothing may be attached to the walls or ceiling. Scheduling for all vendor access to the venue must also be approved in advance by The Cabaret.

Is there a Cabaret supervisor/representative on site for my event?

Yes, a Cabaret staff supervisor will be on site during your event.  The Jazz Kitchen catering manager will also be on site for the duration.

When can I schedule a band or wedding ceremony rehearsal?

Rehearsal timing should be discussed with The Cabaret event representative.  Rehearsals are generally scheduled at some point the day of the event.  For rehearsals occurring on a day other than the day of the event, an additional rental fee may be charged.

Do you have dressing rooms for the bridal party or performers?

Yes, we have two beautifully elaborate dressing rooms with an adjacent private restroom that may be used.

When can we access the venue space for set-up and how much time do we have for tear-down and clean-up?

In general, you will have two hours prior to the start of your event for preparation, etc. After the end of your event, you have one hour for tear-down, clean-up and exiting the building.

Why do I need a security guard on site for my event?

Mandatory security guards are on site for the safety and protection of you and your guests against any outside intrusions or other problematic issues.

Do I need to have a sound and lighting technician for my event?

Yes, if you need the use of any of our sound, lighting or projection equipment for your event.  Our professional sound, lighting and projection equipment is complex and costly and only our trained professional technicians are allowed to operate them.

Why do I need liability insurance for my event?

Events usually involve large numbers of guests, vendors and alcohol consumption which can lead to problematic situations. We live in a litigious time.  In addition to the venue, the event host is also held liable for accidents.

Are we allowed take photos in The Cabaret venue?


What is your cancellation policy?

If you cancel your event more than 60 days prior to the date of the event, The Cabaret will retain 50% of the rental rate and refund the remained.  For cancellation 60 days or less from the date of the event, The Cabaret will retain all of the rental rate and refund the additional fees.

What is the payment schedule for event costs?

Within three weeks after you are sent a rental contract, a payment is due which includes half of the rental fee, the damage deposit, additional fees for services and labor, and sales tax.  The balance is due to be paid four weeks prior to the event.  If both payment deadlines overlap, the entire amount will be due at one time.

Why do I have to pay a damage deposit? Do I get it back after my event?

The damage deposit ensures that if you or your guests cause any damage to the facility or its contents, or do not abide by The Cabaret’s rules and regulations during your event, The Cabaret can recoup the resulting costs from your pre-paid deposit.  Also, any event labor costs that exceed the amount paid on your contract may be deducted from your damage deposit. Your damage deposit will be returned within four weeks after your event as long as there are no damages or labor overages.  Otherwise, the cost of damages or labor overages will be deducted and the balance, if any, will be returned.

Can we bring our own alcoholic beverage to be served?

No.  Indiana State beverage laws prohibit this.  Non-profit organizations, in certain situations may be allowed to secure donated alcohol for an event.

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