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Posted by admin on October 20, 2011

My review is centered on my experience attending a recent performance of The Cabaret, located in the Crystal Terrace of the Columbia Club, overlooking the nighttime ambiance of Monument Circle.

I concede my review is limited in that I did not stay overnight in one of the hotel rooms. I did enjoy several drinks (with a designated driver among us). Drinks and service were excellent: everything was precisely made and served. I believe our server was Diana.

It is difficult to overstate the richly atmospheric charm of the Crystal Terrace, on the third-floor of the Columbia Club, once the house lights go down and the evening, with little conscious effort, becomes lost and tangled in New York City, circa 1920s. The staffs of the Cabaret and the Columbia Club, like co-conspirators in the magic, didn’t break the spell as they seated and served us.

Everyone from my party had a fabulous experience at the Columbia Club and, especially, at the Cabaret. We will return.

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"One of the best environments for serious music fans in town!"

Cabaret Guest


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