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Posted by kbrueckmann on July 30, 2017

By Eric Milkereit, The Desperate Househusband

July 30, 2017

No one necessarily comes to the Desperate Househusband for news and major breaking stories. But today is different. I have some scoop! Now please understand that I am not the first news outlet to break this story but it is something that I feel like I need to cover. Because it involves the Cabaret!!!!!

Folks, it’s a very big deal. After 10 years of being a nomadic arts organization without a permanent home, the time has come for the Cabaret to plant roots and be their own boss in terms of their space. How exciting is that? Now they can have as many shows as they want. On any day of the week! In renting space from other organizations, it’s come with limitations as far as days of the week, number of shows, having to work into the event space’s schedule of other events. But once the construction is done they will have the freedom to do whatever they’d like! Jazz, Broadway, Late Night, Solo Acts, Groups. Probably not mime but, hey, they’ve got options!

After an exhaustive search and lots of negotiations, the Cabaret will be setting up shop in the Metzger Building on Penn & 9th in Downtown Indianapolis. The building currently is home to the Arts Council of Indianapolis. So the Cabaret and Arts Council are partnering in a number of ways. They will share an entrance. Cabaret receptions will be held in a gallery that the Arts Council uses to showcase local artists and their work. This whole thing makes a ton of sense, right?

The space is going to be amazing. A mix of retro deco and industrial chic. Do I sound like an interior decorator? Well, I am! But seriously the renderings of the space are really cool. Great lighting, a perfect stage, a full bar, a small kitchen plus seating for roughly 175 or so people. The perfect size for Cabaret. The intimacy will remain.

I’m so proud of the organization for their fundraising efforts and how this permanent home will further support their mission. Next year the options to see shows at the Cabaret will likely be more plentiful. So imagine the amounts of posts! One of these days, I’ll be able to convince all of you to come. I’ll keep trying by regaling you the tale of Friday’s show.

Mr. Kyle Dean Massey rolled into Indy and absolutely killed it. Kyle Dean is a Broadway performer we’ve seen in shows like Pippin and Next to Normal. Kyle Dean also appeared for several years as a songwriter on Nashville, which we also watched religiously.

Kyle Dean is charming, has a great voice and tells hilarious stories about starting out in show business. It really was a wonderful evening. Kyle Dean sang tons of our favorite songs like “Corner of the Sky”, “I’m Alive” and “On My Own”. He did that in the vein of Broadway Backwards which is a fundraiser for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS where men sing songs traditionally sung by women and vice versa. His version of “Own My Own” was so, so terrific. I got a little misty. We even wove in a rendition of “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. I would like to thank Kyle Dean for even working in a “Crack is whack” joke. That possibly went over the heads of some in the audience but I giggled and that’s all that counts.

Another great show by a real talent. That’s what the Cabaret does. They make music and performance accessible in whatever space they inhabit. The Cabaret is a not a place. The Cabaret could probably sell out shows in parking lots. To me, that’s so important. It’s not about the building or the table or the view or the ceiling. It’s about the performer and the connection that the audiences makes with him/her/them during the performance. Now the Cabaret IS going to become a place and that’s amazing.

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