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Posted by kbrueckmann on October 9, 2017

By Eric Milkereit, The Desperate Househusband

October 4, 2017

It’s been a few weeks so I think it’s time to bring up a favorite topic. My dear, sweet Cabaret. They’ve done it again and over the weekend we were able to see Santino Fontana bring his show to town. Who is Santino Fontana? Well, he’s a Tony nominated Broadway star of such shows as Cinderella and he also has a role Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The CW TV show that we don’t watch but probably should. He is also the voice of Hans in this little thing that took over the world called Frozen.

I don’t want this to sound like backhanded compliment because it’s not. We didn’t really know Santino as well as some of the other performers  who’ve come to the Cabaret. So we didn’t have major expectations. We knew he would be good because the Cabaret doesn’t bring garbage to town. What we didn’t realize was that he was going to be GREAT. Like blown away.

Which is always a good thing but it’s an even better thing when you’re bringing friends to their very first show. Our friend Dan has wanted to come for quite some time and decided that Santino was going to be the show to kick off his Cabaret experiences. We also invited a new friend, JJ, who is working in Indy on loan from our office in Switzerland for 6 months. Both of them loved it. Hooray! Converts and new audience members. That is our goal.

And here we are with Santino. Just to prove that not only do we get to see the performers sing but we often get to meet them!

Santino’s show is all songs from the Great American Songbook. I will admit with no shame that I don’t 100% know what that means. But whenever we hear songs from the American Songbook Cole Porter, some sort of Gershwin and John Mayer all seem to be involved. That’s me playing two truths and a lie. Can you figure out which one is the lie?

What I really loved is that I knew very few of the songs. I don’t need to do a sing-a-long but when you don’t know the music it then takes a special performer to get the audience hooked on songs that are obscure. Santino was able to do that with every song. Especially the song about pleasuring yourself, which was HIGH-LARIOUS! He’s also very charming, personable and able to really interact with the audience. He told great stories about the songs and the composers but then ad-libbed with the crowd as well. Just a hoot.

Yet another example of the caliber of talent that the Cabaret is bringing to Indianapolis. And it can only grow and expand. The new space is a real thing now and demolition, construction, remodeling and things of that ilk have begun. It’s only a matter of months before this great organization has a permanent home to further their mission of bringing amazing talent to Indy audiences, giving young talent a place to see their idols, educating a new generation of cabaret singers and just being awesome.

A toast to the Cabaret. But a slap on the wrist for all of you who continue to NOT show up to the performances. What more do I have to do? It’s all very simple and there’s this thing called the interwebs. Just visit their website and buy some gosh darned tickets. www.thecabaret.org.

Do it. Now. Early. Often.

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