Chester Gregory Master Class Tips

Posted by admin on February 20, 2014

Broadway star, Chester Gregory, taught a master class at The Cabaret on February 15, 2014.  Chester Gregory is best known for his roles in Sister ActHairsprayThe Jackie Wilson Story andDreamgirls. Here are his tips for aspiring performers:

  • Always have a clear and strong intention.
  • Don’t try and do your song the “right” way.  Trust your instinct.
  • Exploit what makes you special.  You have your own story to tell!
  • Always know who you are singing to.
  • You are not about to perform. You are about to tell your story.  When you go up there acting like you’re going to perform people will think, “Ok, impress me!” If you go up there acting like “I have an idea!” people will think “What is it?!”
  • When you create a great moment, don’t try and duplicate it.  It won’t be the same as much as you try.  Just tap into the intention and start again.
  • If you have a lyric that doesn’t have a note assigned to it, don’t speak it – MEAN it! That word has to match or top where you left off singing.
  • Everything you do physically must support what you are saying/singing.
  • You don’t ever want the audience to be ahead of you.
  • Opposites are great to use.  If it is a sad song, find the joy in it.  The layers make it that much more real.
  • Don’t perform!  Focus on your intention and live there. Intention is everything.

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