Cabaret Intensive – Week Four

Posted by admin on June 24, 2011

This week at the class, everyone has a chance to perform their selected piece in front of everyone. At the beginning of the class we talked about presenting your piece. An important aspect of Cabaret is story-telling and the spoken aspect of the show. Shannon talked about creating an introduction for the song, including contextual information like the composer, show, and context of the piece. She said “ you have to know where you are coming from, to know where you are going.”

She and Brent also talked about the presentation. Since cabaret breaks down the 4th wall, the presentation of the music of both the song and spoken word should sound conversational.
A little under half of the class performed their song in front of the class. Everyone had their own issues, whether it was eye contact or “doing everything thing right, but not having the audience ‘believe’ you.” I fell into that category. I had thought a lot about my song before I performed it.
Another good point that the teachers brought up was sub-text. I had thought a lot about that before I went on stage. I knew what and why I was feeling certain things throughout the song. My problem was getting the audience on “my side.” Having them feel for me as a victim, but then coming out as the strong character in the end. Also, since there was a limited amount of time, I wasn’t able to get the end of my song.

It definitely gave me a lot to think about for next time. I can’t wait to sing again!


"Best in class. A truly delightful experience - over the top!"

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